Unique Family Gift Idea

Toss the same old gift ideas aside and treat your family to a unique experience. Rather than give them something to unwrap and never use, present them with a family adventure that will create memories theyll talk about for the rest of their lives.

A Bird's Eye View

Imagine gliding through the open skies in a hot air balloon ride with your family. Of course, this might not be such a great family gift idea if one of your kids has a fear of heights or if your kids are very young. If not a hot air balloon, then consider renting a helicopter or a private plane for the afternoon. Most kids get a kick out of seeing familiar places from lofty heights. It is an especially great family gift idea if one or more of your family members has an interest in airplanes or flying.

Try Something Totally New

The whole point of a family gift is to get the family to do something together that everyone enjoys. Why not consider enrolling your family in classes where you can all learn new skills, such as a martial arts class for all ages? Thanks to the Food Network, kids today have an interest in cooking and might also enjoy taking a cooking class together as a family. Or, perhaps your family could take classes to learn a foreign language while preparing for a trip overseas.

Go Somewhere Cool or Hot

Forget going to the beach or the amusement park for summer vacation. Instead, plan a great family-themed trip at a dude ranch, space camp, or taking haunted tours. Does your family love camping and the outdoors? A good family gift in that case might be an RV or boat that you can use on vacations for many years to come.

Get Active Together

If your family is like most, one or all of your family members could probably use some help getting into shape. Even kids today have become far less active due to new digital lifestyles. If you want to improve the health of your family, a good family gift idea is to give the gift of fitness. Mom, Dad and the older kids can enroll in the local fitness club and attend together, each choosing the classes and activities they need. Some fitness centers today even offer exercise classes for young children so the entire family can be involved. If one family member is out of shape, having the support of the entire family can be a good motivator to get healthy. If attending a fitness center on a regular schedule is not ideal for your family, you could consider taking up a family hobby that involves exercising, such as hiking or canoeing.

If you think outside the box a little bit, you will come up with many more unique family gift ideas. The great thing about these types of gifts is that they create memories that last a lifetime and can also have lasting benefits for the physical and emotional development of your children.

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