Socially Conscious Family Gift Idea

There are many alternatives to traditional presents, especially when the gift could be a socially conscious gesture. Try something unusual and consider these family gift ideas that truly embrace the spirit of giving.

A donation to a non-profit organization is a great gift for a family, especially if relates to something that has affected them personally. Consider gift ideas before making a purchase. Is there a disease or health issue that has affected the family on a personal level? Perhaps a member of the family struggles with a health condition, or the family has lost someone because of one. A donation on their behalf will make the family extremely pleased. Many organizations also provide tokens for donations, such as stuffed animals, T-shirts or a bench in a park.

A donation to an organization that researches or provides assistance for another social condition is another thoughtful present. Perhaps the family has gotten help from an organization when they needed it such as after a fire or other natural disaster or during an illness. A donation to this organization will be meaningful to the family. Some examples of organizations that lend helping hands is the Red Cross or Donors Choose (putting money into elementary classrooms).

If the family is active in a church or other community organization, make a donation to the church or a church-sponsored event in the familys name. Local organizations can offer other gift ideas, too. Have a tree planted in the familys name at a local park or contribute to the new community center on the familys behalf and theyll get a personalized brick to go into the structure.

There are socially conscious gifts that can be purchased online from national and global organizations. A quick online search will display many relief organizations and social causes. Most donations are tax deductible and include a certificate or card that you can present to the family. Just check out the organization first and make sure it is legitimate and try to pick one that is in harmony with the familys interests and tastes.

Do your shopping with companies that donate a portion of their sales to worthy causes and charities. Alternatively, choose companies that market items handmade by artisans in developing countries that give the profits back to the villages and individuals. Family gift ideas that help others who are less fortunate are always appreciated.

Gifts that promote conservation and green living are also popular. Choose organic and natural clothing, toiletries and other products. Buy gifts that help a family to conserve energy and resources. Help them start a garden or add some green to their environment by giving seeds and gardening items or a tree that they can plant in their own yard.

Family gift ideas such as these represent that true spirit of giving. They will make both you and your gift recipients feel good.

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